About Me

My name is Alejandra Belmar, and my superpower is helping women move away from pain, dysfunction, and fear and to embrace their strength. 

In my twenty-plus (20+) years of experience, I have helped thousands of women discover their power.  I promise you that you will learn how to liberate yourself from pain, move more freely, and begin to unleash your inner strength.  You have the power to thrive at every age and stage of life.

My passion is functional movement, alignment, and mobility. I have thousands of hours with clients and have learned from the best minds in movement arts and therapeutic backgrounds, including but not limited to Pilates, Anusara, and other Yoga practices, Sports Medicine, Functional Training, Strength, Mobility, Balance, Neuromuscular Techniques, myofascial release and anatomy of fascia systems, MELT Therapy, and many others. 

I use the power of my in-person and online platforms to create courses and classes to help people worldwide.  

I believe when people experience inner strength, they can accomplish anything.

The benefits of my experience will help you to:

  • Know Yourself 
  • Feel connected to your body
  • Live stronger
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Everyone has the power to thrive and deserves some help to get there!

We will move forward in partnership, putting everything together that you need to achieve everything you want.

From the start, you will feel the positive effects that our one-on-one sessions have on restoring balance where you need it most.  When you join my group sessions, workshops, and retreats you will have the support, empowerment, and collective wisdom of my tribe.

As we work together, I customize your programming to enable you to achieve your goals with support, the latest science-based movement to help the body transition into a better state of optimal health and balance where needed. 

You will “reconnect” to your body’s mobility and stability and build strength where needed.   You will learn to tap into your inner strength, reduce & eliminate inflammation and pain, and feel great again!
Participants in all my programs will:

  • Understand their own body better
  • Feel stronger mentally and physically
  • Have more energy and learn how to prevent injuries
  • Reduce aches and pain
  • Sleep better
  • Receive a personalized plan to reconnect to the most vital version available of themselves.
  • Learn how to focus your mind and reconnect to a playful attitude towards exercise and life again.

Our first session will serve as a way for us to understand your present challenges and move forward confidently with how to address them.

I use multi-modal assessment protocols to check where you are, make sure what you are doing aligns with your goals, and map a pathway forward. As my client, you will benefit from sessions and support daily and have access to live programming and coaching anywhere from 1-5x sessions per week - depending on their needs and goals.