Hi! I’m Alejandra Belmar.  Your trusted partner in holistic menopausal well-being.   

Let’s close the gap between who you are and where you want to be in this new stage of life. 


With 20+ years of experience in women’s health advocacy, coaching, and mindfulness, I will work with you to design and develop personalized, evidence-based solutions to reduce common symptoms, and get you feeling stronger.  

Working together, you will feel and experience the benefits of focused work addressing the challenges of aging after 40, using holistic lifestyle interventions. .

I use Functional Training, Applied Neurology, Fascial work, Yoga, Pilates, and all I have learned directly from experienced and smart people like dr. Amelia Barrett, Neurologist. Or Fascial expert Tom Myers, Author of Anatomy Trains. And Dr. Christiane Northrup, Author of women’s body’s women’s wisdom. 


Make better decisions for your healthspan with expert guidance,  advocacy, and coaching! As you navigate the complexity of menopause, I will be at your side and be supported by other women just like you. 

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In this complimentary call, we’ll know where you are in your health journey and get you on track with the program best suited to you!

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RECONNECT TO STRENGTH is a private, secure, supportive community offering:

  • 1:1 Coaching and Health Advocacy

  • LIVE & In-Person Small Group Training to relieve pain, improve energy, and build strength.

  • A vibrant community of women that come together to be inspired and find the support they need and solutions to their challenges.

  • Resources, Tools, and Content that informs, demystifies and provides tools for positive actions.

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How you’ll benefit:

  • Apply science-backed techniques to work with your hormonal patterns for a better quality of life 
  • Reclaim your independence to age gracefully and bring this newfound sense of joy and purpose to all of your relationships 
  • Transform stagnancy and lack of libido into conscious cultivation of pleasure.
  • Break through old thought patterns to reinvent your life (especially if you’re experiencing empty nest syndrome).
  • Create new mind-body systems (that last!) for greater energy, improved muscle tone, stronger bone density, range of motion, and better sleep quality.
  • Between weekly sessions, you’ll receive check-ins, practices, and resources to support your healing and recovery. 

How we can work together:

In-person and virtual sessions are both available. Sessions are 60 or 75 minutes, online or in-person.


Balance the challenges of Menopause Holistically - Be part of a community of women supporting each other and finding solutions to managing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), doctors, nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle improvements!


Reaching your goals rests on your most potent connection – the one with yourself and your “why.” From here, your optimal health journey begins.


Staying current on science matters. Through a relationship built on trust and accountability, I marry education with application to support you in becoming the healthiest version of yourself.


Long-lasting change is built from inspired action and empowered habits. These got you to where you are now, and they’ll get you where you want to go.


What moves you is your most powerful currency for your sustainable future. We turn inspiration into action to move you into the person you want to become.

Stories of transformation

“I would say after I work with Alejandra, I feel the following: healed, at peace, restored, strengthened, reflective, empowered, inspired, understood, heard, confident.”

- Francine R, Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer.

"I know that the training for movement in life that I have received from Alejandra has created a strong foundation for movement for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful for her wisdom and humor and her devotion to keeping the women in our community healthy, strong, and loved. Because of her, I will never stop moving."

- Catherine C., Midwife

“Reconnect to strength has transformed my body but it is so much more than that! Alejandra could just as easily call her program “Reconnect to Strength, Flexibility, Breath, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion.”

- Julia W. Lawyer

“Your work has helped me regain strength, body mobility and confidence in my body after having a c-section and corrected the hernia I had in my abdomen. As a result I became stronger, started taking care of myself and valued your nutritional advice to help balance my hormones and change my diet. Working with you helped change my reflection to love what I see with myself as a woman. Now years later as I entered menopause did not suffer because of my regular workouts attuned my body with a strong pelvic muscles and core strength and balanced hormones. I feel so much better about myself than when I was in my 20's. Your understanding of the body and how it functions helped me get care when I suffered injury to my shoulder in Krav Maga and you correctly diagnosed a frozen shoulder. Your experience, knowledge, expertise in women's health goes way beyond being a trainer. I trust you with my health and well being, especially as I am aging. I'm a client for life. Thank you!”

- Paulina B. Teacher

“Alejandra is encouraging, facilitating, and growing the connections between mind, body, and soul in a tangible, loving, playful, and sustainable way.”

- Jo C., Mother of Four

“Working with Alejandra inspires me to be my authentic self. She has helped me find my strength but not just physically. I now understand the importance of exercising not just my body but also my mind and soul.”

- Shanny R, City Government