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Congratulations!  You've taken the first steps to becoming the boss of your own body! 

I use a multi-disciplinary approach to optimize your menopausal years to strengthen the mind-body connection. In place of chasing goals, we build systems to work with pain and the body's perpetual feeling of PMS – not against them. 

Rest easy knowing that this community exists for those of you who are recovering from injury, have a fear of re-injury, or are looking to build up restorative practices to support the menopausal shifts at the reproductive, metabolic, and cognitive levels; rest easy knowing that this community exists for that too! 

Who you are: 

  •  Injury-free and in post-injury or post-PT. 
  •  In perimenopause or menopause, or postmenopause
  •  Over 40 years old will benefit the most. 
  •  No experience with exercise is needed.

How you'll benefit:

  1. Build up a personalized cardio practice for strength training, mobility, and recoil capacity in your body.
  2. Improve your muscle tone, endurance, motor fitness, coordination, agility, and flexibility for longevity.
  3. Explore the ancient wisdom tradition of the Chakra (energy) system to assess and optimize the body's functions.
  4. Be guided through journal prompts to envision this next chapter of life, surrender old stories of self, develop a somatic understanding of where your body is stronger and tighter, and rediscover the essential self underneath the symptoms of pain and hormonal shifts.
  5. Reclaim ownership of your body so you can be the best advocate for what you need at your next doctor's visit.
  6. Boss up! Apply the "Menopausal Symptom Solver Guide" and "Perimenopausal Power Foods" to your daily life for optimal health results.

In between sessions, receive weekly check-ins (upon request), health resources, and content to support you through healing and recovery. 

  •  Be supported in a community of like-minded women looking for a long-term holistic lifestyle and self-care solutions over quick fixes.


  •  Minimum of three (3) or six (6) months*; 12-month programs are suggested for women just starting.


Available through:

  •  1-hour virtual classes - personalized to you in a group with live feedback.

All Sessions are 60 minutes unless otherwise indicated.* 

(NOTES: You will have access to recordings of sessions if you need to make up a session that you missed or request it) 


  1. During virtual sessions, does my camera have to be on?
  •  Yes. As your coach, I supervise your movement patterns and give corrections and modifications based on what is happening in real-time, helping prevent injuries and maximize work efficiency during our time together. 

What equipment do I need?

  •  Resistance Bands
  •  Mini Band
  •  Foam Roller Soft Density
  •  Fascia Ball or Massage Ball
  •  Dumbbells -Two (2) sets of dumbbells (a lighter and heavier weight, maybe three and 8lbs to start. Or something in that vicinity).
  •  Stability Ball
  •  Long Resistance Band

Ask about my training equipment packages for your home - or group.  All equipment can be purchased or ordered by you or with help.  Some specific brands and companies offer better quality and value.  If you have any questions, please ask.

Note: If you're in recovery and activation, these could be supportive: a foam roller and density balls to work on the fascia. Also, any version of these tools above is okay! If you want to deviate, just let me know so I can best advise you.

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