Training For Longevity Saturdays (II) - (11:30 AM - 1:30 PM)

Get Yourself in the best physical, mental, and spiritual shape of your life!

Enroll in Twelve Weeks - Twenty-Four Hours of In-Person Expert Coaching 

You'll get:

  • Two Hours of Expert Coaching - In-Person - Every Week
  • Weekday Access to All Live Classes - Everyday!
  • Customized Fitness and Health Advocacy advice and coaching
  • Opportunity to enroll in Fall, Winter, and Spring Programs, ensuring you achieve your goals and get the desired results.


Learn through expert instruction how to connect to your neurology, to your muscles, to your energetic body need in new ways that promote and increases mobility, range of motion and control, strength, coordination, and ability to decelerate and accelerate forces from your torso/core to your extremities and vice versa.

Benefit from strengthening all your systems, increasing your vitality, energy, and well-being, and reducing your pain, stiffness, and stress.

Specific emphasis will be on the following:

  •  Strengthening all your body's systems
  •  Increasing your ability to move more freely through greater ranges of motion
  •  Improving your cardiovascular capacity using a functional strength training protocol.
  •  Improving and addressing issues of restriction of fascia and muscle adhesions
  •  Restoring energy balance to where it's needed and stopping energy leaking in areas that are not moving optimally
  •  Supporting and meeting the needs and requirements of your peri/postmenopausal life and body.
  •  Providing a supportive environment and group for connecting, sharing, and enjoying the journey to improving your health - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

As a member of this program, you will also receive:

  •  Equipment for you to use at home for practice and continued work, including
    •  Resistance Band
    •  Fascia Balls
  •  Additional Supportive and Instructional Content
    •  Access to an Online Library To Specific Videos that support your journey
    •  Printable Digital Guides that address common challenges and help you progress
    •  Access to my online virtual group and community that meets UP TO 7 TIMES during the week
    •  Flexibility and access to make up any missed sessions - digitally in the online group Reconnect To Strength - if you cannot make it all Saturdays.

The Break Down:

Each session will be divided into 15 minutes of mobility and applied neurology, 15 minutes of activation, and 30 minutes of strength training.

We will always finish with 15 minutes of partnership work of reflective listening, answering questions relevant to strengthening the energetic body for optimal health.

What People Are Saying:

“Your work has helped me regain strength, body mobility and confidence in my body after having a c-section and corrected the hernia I had in my abdomen. As a result I became stronger, started taking care of myself and valued your nutritional advice to help balance my hormones and change my diet. Working with you helped change my reflection to love what I see with myself as a woman. Now years later as I entered menopause did not suffer because of my regular workouts attuned my body with a strong pelvic muscles and core strength and balanced hormones. I feel so much better about myself than when I was in my 20's. Your understanding of the body and how it functions helped me get care when I suffered injury to my shoulder in Krav Maga and you correctly diagnosed a frozen shoulder. Your experience, knowledge, expertise in women's health goes way beyond being a trainer. I trust you with my health and well being, especially as I am aging. I'm a client for life. Thank you!”


“Working with Alejandra inspires me to be my authentic self. She has helped me find my strength but not just physically. I now understand the importance of exercising not just my body but also my mind and soul.”


First, I love the convenience of virtual groups because it allows me to exercise more consistently. I don’t have to change and get in a car to go to a gym, which makes me more likely to do the class. Second, I can access the online class pretty much anywhere I go. Lastly, the course is tailored to women around my age group, focusing on exercises that help with flexibility, bone health, core strength, and balance, which is exactly what I need. Alejandra is an excellent coach and a fountain of information. Whether teaching us how the body and the brain work as it relates to our exercise, everyday life, the importance of certain nutrients and vitamins, or how to manage pain. She often adapts the practices to the needs of the group. Alejandra is certainly a very well-prepared coach with years of experience. She can connect, keep you engaged, and motivate you to keep working so that what she calls “our 80-year-old selves” can be grateful that we did.

Veronica M

$397.00 USD

3 monthly payments

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