Alejandra Belmar

My Super Power is the ability to watch you walk or move and understand what is working and not working and able to restore balance.

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Alejandra Belmar

My Superpower is the ability to watch you walk and understand what is work and not - to be able to restore your balance, strength, & awareness.

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I can help you.

I teach with compassion and empathy. I focus on the whole, not just on muscles, but everything between bone and skin. I love working with women and making a difference in their bodies and health.


Be a part of a movement of women looking to THRIVE not just survive! 

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My name is Alejandra Belmar.  My superpower is helping people move away from pain, dysfunction, and fear and to embrace their strength. 

I have 18 years of experience creating programs that have helped increase the quality of life of many.  My promise is to unleash your inner strength so you have the power to thrive at every stage of life.

My passion is functional movement, alignment, and mobility. I have thousands of hours with clients have learned from the best minds in movement arts and therapeutic backgrounds including but not limited to:  Pilates, Anusara, and other Yoga practices, Sports Medicine, Functional Training, Strength, Mobility, Balance, Neuromuscular Techniques, myofascial release and anatomy of fascia systems, MELT Therapy, and many others. 

I intend to use the power of my online platform to create courses and classes to help people from all corners of the world.  

I believe when people experience inner strength, they can accomplish anything.

The benefits of my experience will help you to:

  • Know Yourself 
  • Feel connected to your body
  • Live stronger

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Today is the day! I Got You! You Got This!  Let's do this!

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Alejandra truly changed my life. I was blessed to meet Alejandra after my second child when I was experiencing pain and weakness and I never thought I would be agile or strong again. She assessed me so quickly and began working with me and building my strength and confidence. I have been participating in Alejandra’s group classes for a five years. She has an incredibly warm, inviting way about her that makes you feel welcome with whatever issues you may have that day. Alejandra’s work outs are challenging and every muscle is thoroughly engaged but she also modifies based on the individual so I always have a successful work out. Alejandra is not only extremely passionate about physical fitness but the whole being, mind and body. She connects it all for me and I love her!


During my first appointment with her, at the end of my workout…she lay me down on my back and put a warm washcloth with aromatic herbs on my face and told me I was strong and that everything was going to be ok. From that moment on, I have been devoted to her and her classes. Her loving, kind, warm, non-judgemental method of training has held me in times of hardship and encouraged me through many difficult times. She is a trainer who is your sister, your mother, and also your friend. Her training has brought me from my 40’s and into my 50’s with no injuries. I know that the training for movement in life that I have received from Alejandra has created a strong foundation for movement for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful for her wisdom and humor and her devotion to keeping the women in our community healthy, strong and loved. Because of her, I will never stop moving.


I was a physical mess at age 44. I had 20 years of chronic nagging pain and a fairly inactive lifestyle. My routine, which is customized every visit, took into account my chronic pain issues. Alejandra is so focused, so patient during our sessions. Her knowledge of the body is really impressive, and I can honestly say she really cares about my results. I have been incredibly impressed. At the risk of sounding cheesy, Alejandra has changed my life for the better.


Alejandra kindly and good-humoredly took me in hand, quickly assessed my challenges (as well as my strengths), and subtly turned my life around. Before I knew it, I was walking differently, I was wearing a backpack, I was taking care of my back pain, and I was sleeping better. 


Alejandra is an intuitive and challenging trainer. I come out of every session with her feeling stronger, more centered, and inspired.